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PaverADJUSTER Features:

For Perfect Bond Lines Replaceable spring steel blades Hand and foot rests to drive into joint Rubber grip handles Gold zinc plated finish Easiest way to adjust bond lines & perfect alignment Handle Length: 36" (91.4 cm)

The PaverADJUSTER...

Designed to be used standing up, using body weight to shift the pavers with the replaceable spring steel blades. The PaverADJUSTER is driven down into the joint by applying pressure to the foot rest which is directly above the blade. Stretch a string line across a chosen bond line and shift the pavers until the line is straight. TIP: Insert a spike or pipe under the string line at each end. This will help to keep the string off the pavement.


Part Number: 012050

Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg.)

Handle Length: 36

(2) Replacement Blades

Part Number: 012052

Weight: 1 lbs (.4 kg.)

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