PAVE EDGE Industrial 12-10 Foot Sections

PAVE EDGE Industrial 12-10 Foot Sections

Product #51800117

PAVE EDGE Industrial Features:

  • Larger extended lip profile with thicker walls and additional frictional ribs
  • Designed for 3 - 4 in (8-10 cm) commercial / industrial pavements
  • 10 ft. long, straight one-piece sections ($6.65/ft.)
  • Pre-drilled holes 6 in apart alternating backside/front extension lip
  • Connector Pipe shipped one 10 ft section per carton of 120 ft to allow cuts as needed. Recommend 10-12 in

Why PAVE EDGE Industrial?

PAVE EDGE Industrial has proven itself for years to be the most economical alternative to poured-in-place concrete curbs on heavy-duty, commercial & industrial applications. Industrial is the best performing, lowest labor, lowest material cost per ft. of any molded edge restraint. Dont call this edging! When it comes to permeable installations, PAVE EDGE Industrial is the ideal solution. The vertical wall is 2¾ in tall, providing retention of the bedding and the pavers. PAVE EDGE Industrial can also be used as a flexible edge restraint. By ‘notching an (out-of-the-box) 10 ft section, a contour with a radius limit of 5 ft 8 in can be achieved. The unmodified (out-of-the-box) sections can be flexed slightly producing a contour with a radius limit of 49 ft. Developed for commercial and industrial applications, PAVE EDGE Industrial is the best option for all segmental pavement applications using 8-10 cm pavers. Save time and money by eliminating the labor intensive job of pouring a curb in place. Industrial continues to be the only option over standard commercial curbing and is now favored on most permeable pavement projects.

The Japanese have a philosophy called "Zero Defect."

This concept states that "It is always cheaper and more profitable to do the job right the first time." It is unbelievable how much money it costs to go back and repair a job. Man hours, mileage, equipment, loss of customer confidence, damaged reputation, and loss of revenue from not working on a paying job.  Currently there is no industry specification for one of the most important components of a flexible paver system ... the edge restraint. Equally as important as proper base and durable pavers, the paver edging holds the entire pavement together. Flexible paver systems, whether interlockingconcrete or clay pavers, only perform when there is interlock between the units. The interlock of the pavers is what allows loads on the surface to be distributed to the surrounding units, no matter if it is pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Once the edge of an interlocking pavement shifts out, the project is compromised. If an edge restraint shifts, the joints begin to open up. Failure will follow, but may not be immediately noticeable. PAVE EDGE offers unchallenged design flexibility, simple installation requirements, lightness in weight, superior strength and durability. Because it is the first paver edging created, it is the most widely accepted paver edge restraint system in use today! Designed to match the durability of the pavers, manufactured with heavy duty, high quality PVC. PAVE EDGE will maintain the perimeter interlock better than any other product. Designed to work well for sidewalks, patios and driveways. The structural supports inside the triangular back support gives superior strength to the vertical wall against the pavers. The lip, that goes under the sand and pavers, further ties PAVE EDGE into the pavement system. The lip keeps the bedding sand from migrating out from under the edging. It also ensures that the paver edging will not move separately from the pavement (heave) during freeze/thaw cycles. If the bedding sand gets out or the paver edging heaves, or both, the pavement will fail.

Pave Edge Products:

RIGID - The original PAVE EDGE

  • Designed for straight areas, but flexible enough to support gradual curves. For smaller curves PAVE EDGE RIGID can be easily cut.
  • If you run out of PAVE EDGE FLEXIBLE on the job, you can easily cut the back of our PAVE EDGE RIGID with a hacksaw to transform it into flexible edging.
  • Designed to withstand loading forces equivalent to that of a heavily trafficked residential driveway and able to withstand occasional heavy truck loading.


  • PAVE EDGE FLEXIBLE combines the durability and design of PAVE EDGE RIGID with flexibility to produce tighter and shorter curves.
  • Easily connected to PAVE EDGE RIGID, the two combine to do every job possible!
  • Designed to withstand loading forces equivalent to that of a heavily trafficked residential driveway and able to withstand occasional heavy truck loading.
  • Do not use PAVE EDGE FLEXIBLE edging on straight areas, use only for radius areas.


  • Large, stronger design made especially for heavy vehicular, commercial, and industrial applications.
  • Only Paver Edge Restraint large enough for use with the thicker paver and bedding layer on a typical permeable application.
  • Designed for the harsh environment of Commercial and Industrial Pavements.


Bright yellow PAVE EDGE Rigid
  • Lipped design enables HI-VIZ to hold pavers and sand in place
  • Reduces trip hazards
  • Transitions nicely from an aisle to booth area
  • Easy to install
  • 6' lengths
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