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UltraSCREED is a unique and innovative machine which simultaneously spreads and screeds dry material, delivering a perfect bedding course at the proper grade and without major wear to machine components. With ultra-high efficiency capable of finishing as much as 100,000 sf/day (laser applications only), the UltraSCREED will provide extremely high production rates and precise preparation of the laying course. Typical production rates using the sonic sensors and string lines is 20,000 to 30,000 ft2/day (+/-).

Typical Configuration Includes:

  • UltraSCREED (Power Plan PP) with Kubota Diesel V1505 35.6 HP (26.2 KW)
  • MOBA-matic Machine Control System
  • (2) MOBA Ultrasonic sensors
  • (1) MOBA Slope Sensor
  • TFW Crawler Tracked Chassis Type 702C2K-MAG 26VP-4; 6-Roller Type
  • Sun/Rain Roof • Back-up Alarm

Budgetary Price Range for UltraSCREED PP: $125,000 to $140,000 depending on components ordered and currency exchange rates (pricing subject to change without notice). 

UltraSCREED is a unique and innovative machine which combines spreading and screeding material at the same time, delivering a perfect screed at the proper grade and without major wear to machine components. Spread & screed sand, chip, rock, etc. up to 1¼" diameter. The material is loaded into the UltraSCREED while in motion and metered out constantly through a chute at the bottom of the hopper. The material is screeded to the proper height by the finishing structure at the rear of the machine. Angle & height of the finishing structure is automatically adjusted by hydraulic cylinders controlled by ultra sonic sensors, slope sensor or laser.


  • Production rates as high as 100,000 sq ft/day when using laser control
    • Production rates of 25,000 to 50,000 sq ft/day are typical when using ultra sonic control.
  • Quick filling of the hopper while in motion with bucket loaders up to 8 ft wide
    • Can be loaded from either the front or sides.
    • Hydraulic front hopper panel aides in material loading
    • Folding side hopper panels increase hopper capacity without increasing transportation width
  • (2) Independent hydraulically-controlled chutes at the bottom of the hopper give perfect control of material flow.
  • Left & Right dual controls
  • Two independent hydrostatic drives
    • Rubber tracks
  • Moba Ultra-Sonic Sensors
  • Moba Laser Receivers with masts (Optional)
  • Laser Transmitter (Optional)


  • Screed Width Range 6'-9" to 9' (2.05m - 2.75m)
  • Payload Capacity 6,600 lbs (3,000 kg)
  • Hopper Capacity 3.27yd³ (2.5m³)
  • Material Size Range: up to 1.25"
  • Drive Speed 0 - 2.5 mph (0 - 4 km/hr)
  • Drive Motor Kubota Diesel, 4-Cylinder, 36 HP
  • Track size: 250mm (9") Width;  1,544mm (60") Hub center-to-center
  • Overall size 11'-2" x 6'-9" x 6'-3" (3.4m x 2.05m x 1.9m)
  • Weight (empty) 5,500 lbs (2,500 kg)
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