Typhoon Maintenance System

Product #SYS1000
CALL FOR PRICING TYPHOON is a PICP permeable joint material excavator. Using high pressure and volume of compressed air to break through the paver joint crust, loosens and pneumatically excavates joint sediment and clogged chip rock. It is followed by the PAVEVAC, attached to a high volume high lift vacuum truck or trailer. PAVEVAC removes all the excavated material on the surface and loose material from the joints to a specified depth in preparation to refill (re-chip) the joints to rehabilitate the PICP pavement back to original storm water infiltration performance.


TYPHOON breaks the PICP hard joint crust & excavates the joints full depth, using high pressure air. PAVEVAC, the next step, cleans joints and surfaces of loosened chip and silt material   U.S., Canada, and International Patent Pending CALL FOR PRICING  
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