S<span>URFACE</span>SAVER 90


Product #7572521002A

Compactor Attachment for Slabs, Clay & Planks

  • Roller diameter: 3¾ in (9 cm)
  • Front to Back Length: 19½ in (50 cm)
  • Secure mounting with adjustable width clamps
  • Clamp has two carbide tipped bolts for added grip

SurfaceSAVER 90

Compactor Attachment for Slabs, Clay & Planks

The SurfaceSAVER 90is the best alternative to a rubber mat for forward plate tampers. For use on clay pavers, textured surface pavers or slabs; to minimize chipping, scuffing, white capping and cracking.

WARNING: SurfaceSAVER Rollers on slabs or planks

With large format segmental concrete pavers (slabs) and porcelain becoming more commonplace, it is important for our contractor customers to understand the need to adjust their installation techniques and equipment to improve ergonomics and efficiency. The flexural strength of slabs and planks is a factor of material strength, thickness and size/length.  The risk of breakage increases as the thickness decreases and/or length dimension increases.  The characteristics of size, thickness and material must be considered before using compaction on the surfaces of these large units. Do not use our SurfaceSAVER roller products on PORCELAIN
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