Product #51800026

Paver SCRIBE Features:

  • Professional grade, made completely of metal
  • Measure all available types of pavers and slabs
  • Pivoting angle finder to mark exact changes
  • Locking lever holds paver length measurement

PaverSCRIBE Marking Tool

An indispensable aid, for the exact measuring and marking of lengths and angles for cutting pavers without a soldier course. The PAVERSCRIBE not only reduces the time needed to mask difficult cuts but also results in uniform spacing for a more professional appearance.


Step 1. Align unit on the left or right side of the paver, preferably on the left. Snug tight into the Pocket with the left Side Guide flipped down.

Step 2. Release Locking Lever. Push Depth Rod forward and adjust Angle Finder to fit parallel to face.

Step 3. Move PAVERSCRIBE to a paver. Use Side Guide. Align to back corner of paver and mark from side of Angle Finder. When cutting, mark will be removed. More Difficult Are Half Marks On Herringbone With A Curve Face.


Part Number: 029031

Weight: 1.1 lbs (.5 kg.)

Adjustable Depth Rod Length Range: 0"-16"

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