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PaverMAX PRO Model VM301:

  • Kubota Diesels with worldwide parts and service availability 
  • Advanced Design HVZ-uni-II clamp is extremely strong, durable and easy to adjust
  • Modular Design allows optional safety glass to be added all around for an enclosed cab
  • Chassis delivers rapid response and absolute stability
  • Exceptional Maneuverability articulated steering
  • Vision: Excellent operator visibility
  • Reliability: Extremely high with low maintenance costs and easy to service

PaverMAX vs. MAX Excavator Clamp:

Typical production rates using an excavator and MAX Clamp will not match that of the complete PaverMAX.  However it depends on the layout of the project.  Generally the wider the laying face, the more of an advantage the PaverMAX has over an excavator.  For very narrow areas such as an alley or small road a mini-ex with our MAX Clamp might be equal to our PaverMAX.  Regardless of the system utilized, mechanized installation offers productivity improvement beyond anything possible with manual labor alone.  The key is to match the equipment to the application where it can be most effective; and offer the most payback.  Please contact PAVE TECH for a comprehensive discussion of mechanized installation including screeding, sweeping, compaction as well as paver laying.

Probst sets the standard for Design Excellence with the PaverMAX VM-Series.


  • Kubota Diesel with worldwide parts and service availability (all Probst diesel-powered machines use Kubota power)
  • Advanced design HVZ-uni-II clamp is extremely strong, durable and easy to adjust
  • Modular design allows optional safety glass to be added all around for an enclosed cab
  • Low center of gravity, very stable even at high speed when fully loaded
  • Double articulated steering for exceptional maneuverability
  • Electronic joystick clamp control
  • Excellent operator visibility
  • Extremely high reliability with low maintenance costs and easy to service
Technical Data:
  • Kubota D1105 3-cylinder-Diesel-engine, 18.7 kW / 25 hp.
  • Hydrostatic drive, max. speed approx. 20 km/h (15 m/ph)
  • Height 1,980 mm (78)
  • Width 1,300 mm (52)
  • Length (without clamp) 3,610 mm (142) /(VM-301: 3.692 mm / 145)
  • Ground clearance 180 mm (7)
  • Total weight (without clamp) 1,045 kg (2,304 lbs) / (VM-301: 1,080 kg / 2,380 Ibs)
  • Maximum weight of stone formation 300 kg* (660 lbs*)
  • Lifting off height max. 1,600 mm (63)
  • Turning radius: front inside wheel 700 mm (27), front outside wheel 1,900 mm (75), overall 2,450 mm (96).
  • Main gripping width of the hydraulic clamp HVZ-UNI: 600 mm 1,240 mm (231/2 49)
  • Side gripping width of the hydraulic clamp HVZ-UNI: 990 mm 1,480 mm (39 58)
Option: Diesel particulate filter DPF (Additional Cost)
  • Stainless steel/aluminium casing with quick-release fastener, making filter changing very easy.
  • Disposable filter cartridge, service life can exceed 400 operating hours.
  • Separation rate exceeds 97% of all particles.
  • Authorization/certificates: Vert certificate: check no. B175/12.05, fulfills regulations per TRGS 554.
  • Improved exhaust gas sound insulation acts as an additional silencer.
  • Filter casing is fitted with a pressures switch + electronic evaluation system, which illuminates a warning light on instrument panel when differential pressure too high. This signals that a filter change required.
  • Delivery contents: filter casing with integrated change filter, pressure switch, electronic evaluation system, installed ready for use with supporting frame and perforated plate cover.
  • We recommend ordering an additional replacement filter cartridge.
Option: Enclosed Cab
  • Safety Glass
  • Excellent Visability - No Scratches
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