PAVER BROOM - Set of 2

PAVER BROOM - Set of 2

Product #51800124

PaverBROOM Features:

  • World's best paver broom designed specifically for the paver & hardscape industry
  • Ends of broom head are rounded to reduce splitting
  • Handle attachment to the head has reinforcement brackets to help hold up to job site wear and abuse
  • Bristles are perfect stiffness & size to minimize sand retention in the broom
  • Handle Length: 5' (152 cm)
  • Head Width: 24" (61 cm)
  • Set of 2 brooms

PaverBROOM.  The best, PERIOD.

When light pressure is applied and the broom is constantly pushed forward (no sweeping action), it leaves the right amount of sand on top of the pavers for filling the joints. Alternatively, when more pressure is applied and a sweeping action is used, it works great for job site clean-up. NOTE: Whenever the compactor is being used to fill the joints, a second person should be helping spread sand ahead of the compactor. If there is not constantly sand on top of the joints all around the compactor, those passes are a waste of labor time. Specifications Part Number:  060021 Weight: 5 lbs. (2.3 kg.) Handle Length: 5 Head Width: 24

The story of the Legendary PaverBROOM

The PaverBROOM is the result of many years of searching for the ultimate broom that not only is efficient on the job but also provides long lasting performance. When PAVE TECH got its start as a paver / hardscape installation company, many brooms were tried and most had positive attributes but none possessed all that were necessary for the perfect paver broom. In 1997, Steve Jones, President of PAVE TECH, contracted a leading broom manufacturer to produce a broom that meet his exact specifications, specifically for the paver industry. The PaverBROOM has become the world's best paver broom and is the preferred broom by all major paver contractors. Meet the Rodney Dangerfield of hardscape tools. The broom is probably the least respected of all the tools in any hardscape contractors inventory. If the number of man hours a street broom was used per square foot of a paver installation was tracked, you would be astounded. Maybe then owners and foremen would take more care in picking out the best broom for the job. Our President, Steve Jones, spent way too many hours pushing a broom when he was a paver contractor. He noticed that one broom with a certain bristle seemed to do a much better job than his other brooms. When it was pushed while spreading sand, it would leave the joints full and a thin layer of sand on top of the pavers. This was perfect for the sweeping and compacting process. When using a sweeping action it did a great job of getting all the sand off the paver surface. It took 10 years to find the original equipment manufacturer of that broom. After that it took another couple of years to convince them to make it a better broom by building it with their best components. We also learned from an old cabinet maker that rounded blocks would not crack and split like all the other brooms on the market! This extra process more than doubles the life of the broom with adding only $7 to the manufacturing cost. Try our PaverBROOM, there is absolutely none better for our industry or your jobsite efficiency.
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