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Mammoth JM


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JM Vacuum Hose Lifting System integrates vacuum hose lifting technology into a mobile platform creating a self-contained, complete system designed specifically to increase productivity of slab installation. Using fingertip control only (1) installer effortlessly lifts and precision sets slabs weighing up to 440 lbs! The advanced dual-purpose vacuum both grips and lifts slabs allowing a single worker to safely install large, heavy slabs all day without fatigue or injury.


  • Elimination of injury and fatigue
  • Production rates as high in the last hour as in the first hour of work.
  • Happy employees
  • Typically 250 - 400 sq. ft. can be laid before repositioning of the unit is required. Repositioning accomplished with (1) worker.
  • Slabs already in place can be easily lifted again and without damage.

Capacity: Easy, precise and efficient laying of slabs up to 200 kg (440 lbs). Actual weight capacity is determined by the lift tube dia and suction plate size

Versatility: Highly effective for many different products and large jobs. Suitable for concrete slabs, natural stone, exposed aggregate slabs, multiple slabs/pavers at-1-time, and more.

Reduced Fatigue & Injury: Vacuum system does all the work allowing installers to work longer with less fatigue.

Production: rates as high as 5,000 ft2/day are possible (depending on site conditions).  Production rates as high in the last hour as in the first hour of work.

Happy employees

Safety: Operating Valve Unit (BE-Sprint-2) prevents accidental drops. If the operator loses grip (or simply lets go), the load will gradually lower softly to the ground.

Boom: Exact positioning of slabs with smooth-running VARIO boom.  13 ft. working radius (restricted to 10 ft. for weights over 330 lbs)

“VARIO” boom safety measures prevent the boom from accidentally traveling out into traffic or other restricted areas.

350° operating range.  Operating range can be restricted as needed.  Typically 250 – 400 sq. ft. can be installed before repositioning is required.  Repositioning can be accomplished with (1) worker.

Telescopic Mast.  Mast collapses to a compact, easy-to-haul and store size

Outriggers: (4) folding support legs for safety, stability and leveling.

Honda GXV 340 11 HP gas engine with electric start provides power to the vacuum turbine. Electric models (3 phase) also available.

Slabs already in place can be easily lifted again and without damage.

JM-Series Technical Specifications:

Lifting Capacity JM: up to 200 kg (440 lbs) is possible.  Actual capacity depends on lift hose dia, suction plate size and properties of the elements to be installed.

Lifting Height: 1,250 mm (49") above ground level. 250 mm (10") below ground level.

Operating Reach: 4m (13 ft.) for 150 kg (330 lbs) or less. 3m (10 ft.) for over 330 lbs. When working with more than 330 lbs, the operating reach of the boom will be limited to 10 ft. and counterweights must be used for safety and stability. Pockets for counterweights are built into the frame.

Operating Radius: 350°

Weight: 730 kg (1,610 lbs) without counterweights.

Production Rates: 700 sf/hr (promoted by others) is possible but might not be a practical expectation. Use caution when bidding without actual experience. 700 sf/hr means cycle times of 46 seconds when setting 3’x3’ slabs. If the project calls for 2’x2’ slabs, 700 sf/hr = 21 second cycles times. Those times can be achieved but are difficult to maintain throughout an hour or an entire work day.

ex. 3.5’ x 1.5’ slabs = 5.25 sf

  • Laying rate averaging 1/minute = 315 sf/hr
  • Laying rate averaging 2/minute = 630 sf/hr
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