Mammoth Faust

Mammoth Faust

Product #52600013

Faust ("Fist") MammothMITE 110v Accessory

  • 1 man operation: Converts the MITE 110v 2-man vacuum to a 1-man tool
  • High-powered electric turbine - perfect for porous materials (dry cast concrete)
  • 110v AC power - MITE 110v only draws 11 amps
  • 55lb (25kg) capacity
  • Connects easily to MammothMITE 110v

MITE 110v Accessory

The FAUST connects easily to the MammothMITE 110v unit to draw the powerful vacuum direct from the electric-powered turbine. Our turbine generates an extremely high volume of air flow much higher than compressed air ejectors or battery-powered pumps. This means that pavers & slabs with textured surfaces or made of dry cast concrete are handled safely and securely.

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