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Package Includes the following specific components:

  • Laying Dolly UNI MOBILE UM w/mounting parts for VS-S MammothMITE 110v Model VS-S Vacuum Power Unit
  • 100 kg (220 lb) Capacity Suction Plate for MammothMITE 110v
  • Mounting Bracket for Honda EU2000i Power Generator (Honda generator not included)

Above components provide max capacity of 100 kg (220 lbs). Larger suction plates with capacity up to 330 lbs available on request.

Note: The UM is rated for 330 lbs but experience in the field shows weights over 220 lbs present significant challenges to the installation.

The UNI-MOBILE (UM) is a unique wheeled frame designed to allow (1) worker to lift, transport and set concrete and natural stone slabs weighing up to 300 lbs (140 kg). The versatile design allows the UM to be used with a variety of PAVE TECH/PROBST devices but for most applications our 2-man vacuum unit MammothMITE 110v (MM 110v) is a perfect match for the UM. The UM converts the MM 110v from a 2-man device to a 1-man device thus saving significant labor. The UM features a hinged boom equipped with a gas spring which is controlled by hand lever located on the operators handle. The vacuum produced by the MM 110v is also controlled by the installer with a 2nd hand lever on the operators handle.
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