K<span>EE</span>ROO 1200A


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  • Screed (grade) any granular material in less time than any other manual method
  • Screed standing: higher efficiency; less fatigue and injury
  • Achieve accurate grades using typical site benchmarks (foundations)
  • When no specific grade is required, “KeeROO” freehand without benchmarks; ex: topsoil for seeding
  • Specific grades require (2) or more benchmarks; same as traditional screeding
  • “Cut and fill” KeeROO flattens soil, sand, chip and base material
  • Passes made at various angles; cut into high spots; pull excess to fill
  • End result is a precise flat plane; either level or, more often, at grade
  • 1,000 sf in less than 1 man hour is achievable
  • https://youtu.be/jnCFwjHU7Hw
  • https://youtu.be/-pvFYthxRb8

The KeeROO is a true Dutch engineering marvel!

Its a convenient, effective screeding / grading / levelling tool for all surfaces. Reduce your labor hours and manpower needs dramatically. KeeROO is the healthy, ergonomic solution to kneeling. Stand Up! KeeROO ensures that your crew is able to perform well ALL DAY. Material is easily spread and moved to fill low spots ensuring a flat surface with most materials. The excess sand moves easily to the lower parts ensuring an even bedding layer. Use on sand, rock and chip bases for pavers or sod preparation. Also ideal for grading and leveling ball fields and outdoor volleyball courts. Available in three versions: 700A, 1200A and 120A. The 700A and 1200A complement one another so any desired working width between 28 and 119 inches (70 and 300 centimeters) can be achieved. The 120A has a working width of 47 inches (120 centimeters) and is suitable for coarser grading operations such as sport courts and rough terrains.

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