Foundation Skills English DVD/Manual Combo

Foundation Skills English DVD/Manual Combo

Product #999149

Foundation Skills DVD/Manual Combo

Instructional Training for Concrete and Clay Pavers Presented by the School for Advanced Segmental Paving (SASP) and Author, Stephen Jones Provides step by step and in-depth instructions of paver installation Addresses specialized installation techniques Certification test available to become SASP Certified  Excellent reference tool for seasoned contractors

Foundation Skills DVD/Manual Combo

Learn the best practice methods of segmental paver installation with the Foundation Skills Instructional Training Video for Concrete and Clay Pavers. This video is brought to you by the School for Advanced Segmental Paving. This video provides step-by-step instructions for completing both concrete and clay paver projects. This course was designed to increase segmental paving construction knowledge, efficiency, and standards through the use of industry best practices techniques and technology.

Chapters Include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Site Visit
  3. Material Logistics
  4. Layout
  5. Demolition
  6. Excavation
  7. Base
  8. Finish Grading
  9. Edge Restraints
  10. Screeding
  11. Laying Pavers
  12. Marking & Cutting
  13. Final Compaction
  14. Lighting

Vocational Skills Training for Segmental Paver Installation - Student Manual  By, Stephen Jones

A complete paver installation guide. Available in both English and Spanish versions. Content Includes:

  • Segmental Paving Overview
  • Concrete Pavers Defined
  • Clay Pavers Defined
  • Paver Shapes and Patterns
  • Using The Right Tools
  • Utility Locating
  • Layout, Elevation and Drainage
  • Excavation and Materials Calculation
  • Material Logistics
  • Soil Types and Subgrade Compaction
  • Geotextile Fabric and Root Barriers
  • Base Construction and Compaction
  • Grading
  • Edge Restraints
  • Alternate Methods of Installing Edge Restraints
  • Sand Properties
  • Sand Screeding
  • Laying Pavers
  • Paving In Difficult Areas
  • Cutting
  • Compacting and Setting Pavers

English DVD, .15 lbs (.07 kg): 999146
Spanish DVD, .15 lbs (.07 kg): 999147
English & Spanish DVD, 1 each, .3 lbs (.14 kg): 999148
English DVD & Manual, 1 each, 1.25 lbs (.6 kg): 999149
Spanish DVD & Manual, 1 each, 1.25 lbs (.6 kg): 999150
Video Certfication, .1 lbs (.05 kg): 009009

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