B<span>ASE</span>RAKE Handle Kit


Product #CT75000


  • Long 7-foot handle provides better angle when spreading material
  • Two heads in one! Solid and Serrated
  • Magnesium head - strong, light weight
    • WARNING:  Due to high magnesium content, DO NOT cut the rake heads with friction.  Magnesium is extremely flammable.

Handle Length and Diameter:

  • 80 in (203 cm) L x 1.5 in dia. (3.8 cm)
  • Handle ships in 2x 3½ foot sections, saving an ENORMOUS amount of shipping cost.
    • Extremely simple pop-rivet assembly
  • Head Height: 3½ in (9 cm)


16 in (40 cm) Head (Retaining Wall Base)


  • Made from Magnesium for strength and light weight
  • Dual edge head
  • Long handle allows better view of low spots
  • Serrated edge creates ridges create greater surface area, allowing sand to dry faster

The BASERAKE is the best tool for spreading loose base material. Use the smooth edge for spreading loose base. The serrated edge allows all the fines to drop down, leaving mostly large aggregate on the surface, which does not compact well. High spots can be loosened with the serrated edge after compaction of the base. The BASERAKE can be used to spread joint sand. Spreading the sand will dry it which fills the joints up to 10 times faster than wet sand.

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